Doctor Discussion Guide

Bringing a list of things to discuss with your doctor can help focus your conversation in the time you have together. Simply answer the following 6 questions, and we’ll provide you with some suggestions.

What’s your depression status?
Doctor Discussion Guide
Here’s a list to help focus your conversation with your doctor. Based on your responses, we’ve highlighted some suggestions for you, and included some others you can add to your list. Simply add or remove items by checking or unchecking each box. There’ll be space for you to add your own notes when you print out your discussion guide.
Your medical history, including any current or past health problems, and anything that’s changed since your last visit
Any medications you’re currently taking
Some things you no longer enjoy or do because of depression symptoms
If depression runs in your family
Any antidepressant(s) you’ve taken in the past
If you’re dissatisfied with your current medication
Why you stopped taking your previous antidepressant(s)
Why you’re concerned that taking an antidepressant won’t effectively relieve your symptoms
Why you’re concerned about side effects like nausea, dizziness, and/or sweating
Your concern(s) about dosing
How depression impacts the way you approach your daily responsibilities
Any depression symptoms you’re experiencing
If you have medical insurance with prescription drug coverage
Do you think I have depression?
Will medication cure my depression?
Can medication help treat my symptoms?
What are the different types of antidepressants?
Will my depression symptoms go away on their own?
What are my depression treatment options?
Do you recommend that I take an antidepressant?
How do antidepressant medications work?
Should I continue taking my current antidepressant?
Should I try a different antidepressant?
Should I consider taking an antidepressant again?
Which antidepressant do you think will work best for me?
Will taking an antidepressant dull my personality?
Will I gain weight on an antidepressant?
Will I have sexual side effects on an antidepressant?
Are there different dosing instructions for different antidepressants?
Will an antidepressant interfere with other medications I’m taking?
Should I be seeing a specialist to treat my depression?
In addition to taking medication, should I consider talk therapy?
Do you have any therapist recommendations?
EDIT Things to Ask if Prescribed Medication
What are the benefits and risks of taking this medication?
What are the dosing instructions?
When can I expect to start feeling better?
How will I know if my medication is working?
What possible side effects can I expect?
Will this antidepressant interfere with other medications I’m taking?
How long will I have to continue taking an antidepressant?
Should I stop taking my medication when I feel better?
Are there prescription savings programs available to me?
Are there other things I can do to help manage my condition?

This is not intended to result in a diagnosis or a treatment recommendation. It's meant to help you have a more meaningful discussion with your doctor. No information about you will be collected or stored.