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Creating healthy habits

Whether you’ve started to eat healthier, added some physical activity to your day, or just organized your desk at work, you’re starting to make real progress. Congratulations. Now, let’s try to make some of your healthy habits permanent. Here are a few simple tips you can use to stay on track.

Decide what you want to achieve
  • Be realistic
  • Your goals can be short-term or long-term
  • Make sure your goals are specific and measurable
Make a plan
  • Decide when and how you can work to achieve each goal
  • Set a date to reach that goal and write it on the list
Keep track of your progress
  • Put your list of goals where you can see it every day. Example: tape it to the fridge or your bathroom mirror
  • Even if your depression symptoms have improved, it still may be helpful to keep track of how you’re feeling
Talk yourself into success
  • Cheer yourself on
  • Keep telling yourself you can do it, and eventually you will
Reward yourself
  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Treat yourself to a movie or some new music when you’ve reached a goal (or even when you’ve worked really hard and made progress towards a goal)
Keep up the good work
  • Be patient—change doesn’t happen overnight
  • Take your time and try to do a little bit each day
  • If you have a setback, don’t get discouraged. Start again as soon as you feel ready
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